Our Story

The passion here is fueled by Fire, Flavor and Friends! Red Heat Tavern is Chef Alan Frati’s playground, where he blends innovative cooking techniques and fresh flavors to create Tavern comfort favorites.

Executive Chef Alan Frati began his restaurant career at 16 as what he calls the “red sauce guy.” From cooking the signature sauce at The Coliseum in his hometown of Salem, NH to his current role at Red Heat Tavern has been quite the journey for Frati, who attributes his continued love for the business to the varied positions he has held in the industry as well as some culinary world travels.

A culinary graduate of Johnson and Wales in 2007, Frati spent his college years between studying, classes and working in various restaurants. Some of these include a back of house externship at Tremont 647 in Boston under the advisement of Chef Andy Husbands as well as a front of house stint at the Spiced Pear in Newport, RI, one of the most distinguished restaurants in the area. At the end of his tenure at Johnson and Wales, Frati spent a semester abroad in Asia, Thailand and Singapore, where he learned the nuances of Asian cuisine and culture. Soon after in 2008, he spent some time overseas, backpacking through 11 different countries to immerse himself in the culture and cuisine of Europe.

Frati spent 2008 through 2011 with the Texas Roadhouse, opening locations in Massachusetts and Utah before landing himself in Long Island as kitchen manager. After a move back to his homeland, Frati joined the Burtons Grill team in Burlington as Sous Chef in 2011 and then continued onto Red Heat Tavern in 2014 as Executive Chef.