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Up n’ Down Harvest Old Fashioned

Available October 1st-November 30th | $13
Up n’ Down Pumpkin Mash rock and bourbon,
simple syrup, angostura bitters, expressed orange

Up n’ Down Pumpkin Mash rock and bourbon is the highlight of our new Harvest Old Fashioned cocktail, available at all Red Heat Tavern locations during the month of October! This devilish feature blends the best flavors of the fall season with premium Indiana bourbon, simple syrup, angostura bitters, and expressed orange peel.

Up n’ Down was founded by Justin Morales, a local Connecticut bartender turned bourbon brand owner. Justin’s premium “rock and bourbons” are a twist on rock and rye, a “medicinal” cocktail sold in the early 1900s. Distilled with crystallized rock candy, the concoction was touted as a cure-all for any cold or flu.

Rock and rye has seen a modern resurgence in different forms (rock and rum, rock and brandy, etc.), but Up n’ Down is the first brand to bring a rock and bourbon to the market. We’ve selected Up n’ Down’s Pumpkin Mash for our Harvest Old Fashioned because it brings all our favorite fall flavors: fresh pumpkin, baking spices, maple syrup, and more.

We’re so excited to feature the spirits of our friend and former coworker (Mr. Morales was a bartender at sister restaurant, Burtons Grill & Bar, for several years early in his bartending career). Justin’s passion for craft cocktails shines whether you’re drinking his spirits straight or in our collaborative cocktail.

Thirsty for more? Justin will be hosting a tasting and Q&A session at our South Windsor, CT location later this month. More details coming soon!

In the meantime, try the Harvest Old Fashioned for a devilishly delicious sipping experience.


Oct 01 2022 - Nov 30 2022


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